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How to Identify the Usual Performance Suspects

When You’re Out to Fix Bottlenecks, Be Sure You’re Able to Distinguish Them From System Failures and Slow Spots

By Scott Barber

Bottlenecks are likely to be lurking in your application. Here’s how you as a performance tester can find them.

This article first appeared in Software Test & Performance, May 2005.

So you found an odd pattern in your scatter chart that appears to be a bottleneck. What do you do now? How do you gather enough information to refute the inevitable response, “The application is fine, your tool/test is wrong”? And how do you present that information conclusively up front so you can get right down to working collaboratively with the development team to solve the problem?

Should Automated Acceptance Tests Use the GUI the Application Provides

By Michael Bolton


As a consultant and trainer, I am often asked by my clients and students how to deal with automated acceptance tests. One common question is whether automated acceptance tests should use the graphical user interface (GUI) provided by the application.

Key Success Factors for Keyword Driven Testing

By Hans Buwalda, Chief Technology Officer, LogiGear Corporation


Keyword driven testing is a software testing technique that separates much of the programming work of test automation from the actual test design. This allows tests to be developed earlier and makes the tests easier to maintain. Some key concepts in keyword driven testing include:

Getting Automated Testing Under Control

By Hans Buwalda and Maartje Kasdorp

A practical approach to test development and automation.