Monthly Archives: December 2007

Software Testing 3.0: Organization and Process Ramifications

Rob Pirozzi


Many companies have come to realize that software testing is much more than a task that happens at the end of a software development cycle. They have come to understand that software testing is a strategic imperative and a discipline that can have a substantial impact on the success of an organization that develops software. Many of these companies are coming to embrace the ideas that are central to the latest phase in the evolution of software testing, Software Testing 3.0 (See the links below for more on Software Testing 3.0).

Is Action Based Testing an Automation Technique?

By Hans Buwalda


Keyword driven methodologies like Action Based Testing (ABT) are usually considered to be an automation technique. They are commonly positioned as an advanced and practical alternative to other techniques like to “record & playback” or “scripting”. You can read a lot about ABT on the LogiGear web site or in LogiGear’s Newsletter Archives.