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Jungle Testing

By Hans Buwalda, CTO, LogiGear Corporation

As I write this article I am sitting at a table at StarEast, one of the major testing conferences. As you can expect from a testing conference, a lot of talk and discussion is about bugs and how to find them. What I have noticed in some of these discussions, however, is a lack of differentiation between the different types of bugs that I think is essential for testing success.

Hung Q. Nguyen Discusses Software Testing

The following is a transcript of a May 7, 2008 interview with Hung Q. Nguyen, founder and CEO of LogiGear Corporation and coauthor of the best selling textbook Testing Computer Software.

Interviewer: When it comes to software testing, what concerns or issues are you hearing from software developers?

Hung Q. Nguyen: The most pressing concern that I hear from companies that develop software is that they are not testing fast enough. With advancements in technology and development tools the rates for building software have become very fast. Development is outpacing software testing which is driving a huge demand for test automation. However, test automation, done incorrectly can be more of a hindrance.

The Importance of Volume in Automated Software Testing

By Hung Q. Nguyen and Rob Pirozzi, LogiGear Corporation

All too often, software development organizations look at automating software testing as a means of executing existing test cases faster. Very frequently there is no strategic or methodological underpinning to such an effort. The approach is one of running test cases faster is better, which will help to deliver software faster.

Even in organizations that start to build a test automation effort on a good foundation of strategy, methodology, and supporting tools, taking such a narrow view of the test automation effort misses a huge dynamic.