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Blogger of the Month

Karen N. Johnson began as a technical writer in 1985 and later switched to software testing in 1992. She maintains a blog at TestingReflections, a collaborative site where she is featured as a main contributor. In her latest entry, she discusses search testing with different languages. Here is an excerpt from her blog:

“I started work on a new project and needed to address search testing with a wide assortment of languages. And geez, this is a puzzle I’ve worked with before so I thought I would share some thoughts around the topic of search testing with multiple languages.

Introduction to Skilled Exploratory – Cem Kaner

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Introduction to Skilled Exploratory

Cem Kaner – Director, Center for Software Testing Education & Research, FIT


Spotlight Interview with Jonathan Kohl

Based in Alberta, Canada, Jonathan Kohl takes time out of his busy schedule to discuss his views on software testing and automation.

Beware of the Lotus Eaters: Exploratory Testing

Drawing from the Greek mythology of the lotus eaters, Anne-Marie Charrett warns testers to be weary of enjoying early success too soon upon finding high impact bugs.

Are Testers’ Ethnographic Researchers?

John Stevenson

People who follow me on twitter or via my blog might be aware that I have a wide range of interests in areas outside my normal testing job. I like to research and learn different things, especially psychology and see if it may benefit and improve my skills and approaches during my normal testing job. One area I have being looking at for awhile is the social science of ethnography. The approaches used when carrying out research appears to have many similarities to software testing and I feel we could benefit and maybe improve our testing skills by examining ethnography.

New Exploratory Testing Course by LogiGear University

Incorporate Exploratory Testing into your Test Strategy and find better bugs faster!


This two-day course is designed to give test engineers a global understanding of exploratory testing. From why we do it and its uses to how we do it and the value of measurement, Exploratory Testing will be examined and practiced to empower test engineers in using this method, finding better bugs earlier, focusing on customer satisfaction and making exploratory testing more manageable and easier to use as an necessary and important test method.