New Exploratory Testing Course by LogiGear University

Incorporate Exploratory Testing into your Test Strategy and find better bugs faster!


This two-day course is designed to give test engineers a global understanding of exploratory testing. From why we do it and its uses to how we do it and the value of measurement, Exploratory Testing will be examined and practiced to empower test engineers in using this method, finding better bugs earlier, focusing on customer satisfaction and making exploratory testing more manageable and easier to use as an necessary and important test method.

You Will Learn:

  • How to test earlier and find better bugs!
  • What is exploratory testing and why is there so much argument about its value?
  • The psychology of good testers and cultural issues with exploratory testing
  • When and how it can best be used in your test strategy
  • Incorporating effective exploratory testing into your test strategy
  • Management and measurement issues about exploratory testing
  • Problems and misconceptions
  • Further study

Course Outline:

Part 1 Exploratory Testing: What is it?

  • Why do it?
    • Testing vs. Validation
  • What is it used for? Goals of exploratory testing?
  • What are the common practices?
    • Focus on the User
    • Exploratory testing in agile development

Part 2 The Exploratory Testing Approach

  • Project politics and “ad hoc” testing
  • Testing psychology for exploratory testing
  • Team culture and exploratory testing
  • Risks of exploratory testing
  • Problems and misconceptions

Part 3 How to do Exploratory Testing

  • Black box, white box and gray box testing
  • Discussion and exercises on varieties of exploratory testing including:
    • User Scenario Testing
    • Modeling
    • How to Break Software (by James Whittaker)
    • Error guessing
  • Heuristics test oracles
  • Focus on test data
  • Common types of issues found in exploratory testing

Part 4 Management and measurement issues about exploratory testing

  • Planning and communicating on exploratory testing
  • Tips for managing and measuring exploratory testing
  • Communicating coverage in exploratory testing
  • When is testing done?
  • Fostering a management and development team culture to support exploratory testing

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