Jamie Tischart shares his thoughts on the testing industry in Viet Nam

Jamie Tischart
Director – Sews, Product Delivery

McAfee, Inc.
9781 S. Meridian Blvd, Suite 400
Englewood, Co, USA, 80112

LogiGear: What do you think about the development of the software testing industry in Vietnam?

Jamie Tischart: I am very excited about the continued growth and development of the software testing industry in Vietnam. The professionals that are in the industry are knowledgeable, hard working, and continue to increase their expertise. With more learning opportunities and continued growth in the region I see Vietnamese testing professionals as being world-class quality workers.

LogiGear: How do you feel about your first time speaking at a conference in Vietnam?

Jamie Tischart: I am very proud to be speaking at the conference in Vietnam. I have been working with LogiGear’s Vietnam Testing Center for over 6 years and feel that the individuals combine high level skills with an amazing work ethic. I trust my most important projects to my Vietnamese teams and look forward to sharing more knowledge with testers in Vietnam to hopefully help them continue to learn new methods.

LogiGear: What made you decide to speak at this conference?

Jamie Tischart: As a long time supporter of software testing in Vietnam, with many different experiences with different testing projects, I felt that it was my responsibility to share my knowledge and expertise with the growing software testing community. Also Vietnam is one of my favorite places to visit in the world, so I could not pass up the opportunity to visit again.

LogiGear: What are you going to present at the conference and what experiences are you going to share with Vietnamese engineers about software testing?

Jamie Tischart:I am presenting two topics at the conference: Performance Testing Strategies and Transitioning Test Teams to Agile.

LogiGear: Thank you Jamie.

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