Why Outsource Software Testing to Vietnam?

There’s a reason so many major companies are outsourcing to Vietnam. Intel is building the largest semiconductor plant in the world in Vietnam. IBM, Sony and dozens of other Major corporations have opened centers in Vietnam in the last few years.

  • Business Week calls Vietnam “The new hot spot for IT outsourcing”
  • Gartner has added Vietnam to its list of top outsourcing centers, and adds Vietnam provides the lowest cost resources among the top outsourcing destinations.

Why Outsource To Vietnam?

  • Low Cost – Labor costs in Vietnam are over 30% less expensive than costs in India. And 70- 80% less expensive than the United States.
  • Workforce Size and Education- High numbers of well educated graduates with technology degrees. Low attrition rates, less then half of countries such as India and China.
  • Political and Economic Stability- Rated the safest envirenment in Asia. Another reason why companies like Intel, Anheuser Busch, Cisco and IBM have made large outsourcing comitments in Vietnam.
  • Facility with the English Language- English is the most popular second language in Vietnam and the Vietnamese language uses roman characters.

LogiGear is the first choice of major coporations because of it’s world wide leadership in software testing. Since most coporations realize test cost is a large part of IT expenses, a common goal is to reduce these costs by utilizing software test automation. Reconized as a pioneer in software test automation and author of the leading books on software testing Logigear has been able to dramitically reduce IT cost with a combination of Test automation and low cost Vietnam engineering.

Because of LogiGear’s expertise, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is ranked as one of the top four cities in the world for outsourcing software testing.

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